Question about Fibroids

Having fibroids means I have to have my uterus removed ?

FactIn almost all cases, this is absolutely not true. These days, an advanced surgeon from Rangnath Hospital can safely remove all fibroids without having to resort to hysterectomy (i.e., the removal of a woman's uterus)

Do fibroids interfere with fertility?

YES. Fibroids may interfere with woman's fertility.

Pregnancy Miscarriages Fibroids can distort the uterus so a pregnancy cannot grow properly secondary to the mass of the fibroid. Also, the blood supply of the pregnancy can be diverted to a growing fibroid. In these cases, pregnancies can miscarry.

Infertility Fibroids can grow near the fallopian tubes and cervix thereby blocking proper motility of sperm and egg through the uterus and tubes. Fibroids can also line the cavity of the uterus making it impossible for a pregnancy to properly implant in the uterus.

Can Fibroids Turn Into Cancer?

Fibroids are almost always benign (not cancerous). Rarely (less than one in 1,000) a cancerous fibroid will occur.

Our Doctors think that these cancers do not arise from an already-existing fibroid. Having fibroids does not increase the risk of developing a cancerous fibroid. Having fibroids also does not increase a woman's chances of getting other forms of cancer in the uterus

Could My Fibroids Come Back After the Treatment?

Although this treatment may be successful in destroying the fibroids causing painful symptoms, at a later time, more fibroids may grow, become symptomatic and require additional treatment.

We encourage you to discuss with our doctors more questions or concerns you may have.


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