Exercises to Help You Prepare for Childbirth

To help with labor

Did you know that you can do Prenatal exercises to help your body and baby be in optimal shape for a quicker, easier Natural Child Birth?

No one - not even your mother -- can reliably predict how your labor will progress. Fortunately, there are a few exercises you can do now to help prepare your body for what's to come. Here are some

• Walking
Aim for at least 30 minutes a day.
Yes, simple walking can help keep your body in balance. You may get fresh air and blessing of natural surroundings

• Proper sitting
While some may argue that this is not exactly "exercise", We doctors would disagree. When you're carrying around 20 pounds of extra weight, please practice proper sitting

• Leaning Forward

• Optimal Sleeping Position
Once you hit 20 weeks, we doctors will dissuade you from sleeping on your back because it can cause problems with backaches, breathing, digestive system, hemorrhoids, low blood pressure and decrease circulation to your heart and your baby.

Sleeping on our left side is most optimal because it may in the amount of blood and nutrients that reach to your baby.

Please refer to our doctors for other details and more exercises which suits you and your baby.

Exercises After having a baby

Regular exercise after delivery:

Exercise might be the last thing on your mind after you give birth, but it's worthwhile. In fact, exercise after pregnancy might be one of the best things you can do for yourself.

It can:

Boost your energy level
Improve your mood
Relieve stress
Help for weight loss
Improve your fitness
Restore muscle strength and tone
Condition your abdominal muscles

When to start?

In old days doctors often instructed women to wait at least six weeks after giving birth to begin exercising. The waiting game might be over, however. If you had an uncomplicated vaginal delivery, it's generally safe to begin exercising as soon as you feel ready.

If you had a Cesarean or any other complications, please talk to our doctors about when to start these exercises.



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